i think i’m going to get dressed and go on the hunt for food.

if you’re going to be part of a fandom, i feel you should try to acknowledge all characters equally

there are going to be characters you don’t like, and if you don’t like them, keep your fucking mouth shut and try not to ruin that character for someone who loves them

also female characters don’t get in the way of male characters, and vice versa

females aren’t getting in the way of your ships. males are getting in the way of your ships.

ships happen and they are beautiful things.

legit on question 42 of 50 and now the webpage takes forever to load


the best thing about taking my exams in my computer class

for some reason, he uses questions you can google on flashcard sites on this internet

oh sweet jesus yes

going into any tag related to mass effect now makes me want to cry

like bye my life is over

hey straight guy in the ashley tag

when i was in the army, along with many other women, we wore fancy lingerie because guess what, that uniform totally makes you feel less sexy sometimes and you need a pick me up

that pick me up being fancy fucking lingerie

i’m not even going to be sorry for the amount of shenko on my shepard blog right now

i’m in such a place that i don’t even know what’s right

i just want to feel happy

a game had never made me feel so dead and empty inside until i finished the mass effect trilogy.

also, because i never said anything

i remember playing me1 and i thought ashley was voiced by mila knuis cause kimberly kind of sounds like mila to me

so i googled and was sad it wasn’t mila kunis because i was so damn sure it was her