also i think people should use parker young as an fc ok

along with tamara tunie

i sometimes wonder if civilians who watch enlisted honestly think that’s what the military is like

meanwhile the whole show to people in the military is something of a parody

tonight i showed my dad every species in mass effect because he was looking over my shoulder on the couch when i was on my shepard blog and he saw the normandy and tali

i explained the salarians as being all sciencey

that’s how you describe salarians ok

also it makes me sad that the salarian’s are a male majority species

i don’t know why, and nothing to do with feminism

like a googled a lot of the species because i wasn’t sure about some if they had females or males and such

like with salarians, they have the females only fertilize so many of the eggs to make them female

cries but i love salarians anyway

i am so pleased with my krogan

bless female krogans ok

i’m so excited to like reveal my female krogan

i’m just so excited to play her ok

oh god

i need a name for her

i need a good name for her

and female krogan’s are supposed to be good at picking names

i want something that sounds a bit regal, commanding almost. something that grabs attention.

the dilemma i face

to make my krogan a main blog or a side account on my shepard

since i joined the mass effect fandom, which i’m not fully in it, just interacting with lexie and a few other people, i feel accepted a little and secure again

since leaving hunnigan for good, i feel to be in a better place