I just feel like saying this. I love the small fandom there is for TR:AOD. To see so many people like myself who will love and defend a game most don’t know about or even truly loved, it’s amazing to me. I enjoy knowing I’m not the only one who adores the game, who wishes it would have been taken further and many things would have continued on.

This game is the reason I even got into Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is that game, she’s my idol. She just carried on, she didn’t give up - or that’s how I view her in that game. She had a mission, she was going to make sure it was finished.

This game is the reason I picked up playing Lara Croft - that I started roleplaying her and maybe one day cosplay her.

I’ve taken her character from that game and given her a whole new meaning with an AU idea. The game basically gives me hope for my portrayal of Lara and knowing a few people out there enjoy my portrayal makes me cry because that means a few people still enjoy the game and the character.

This game, TR:AOD, it basically is my life. It changed my life and how I view certain characters and games. Like everything about Tomb Raider changed for me with that game.

Bless this game. Bless the people who still love it. We’re our own little subfandom and I love it.

follow tr:aod lara croft!

i wanted to remake my old lara for awhile and i’ve finally done it. this is based on how i see the events of tr:aod having ended. so yeah - totally far from who she is in a sense. still, worth looking into, right?


Just sayin.


Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness in 10 gifs or less

They don’t count!


“You watch out, ma cher. There are a lot of sickoes loose on the streets.”